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Even though the German is on average a cautious person in terms of money, loans continue to be the backbone of the German economy. Hardly a private individual manages to go through life without a loan taken. At the latest with large acquisitions such as a house or a new car, the credit is often unavoidable.

In the 21st century, there are some options to borrow money. Each of these options has its pros and cons, below we highlight the offers.

The house bank as a lender

For many, the only alternative is still the own house bank. Where the checking account has been used for years and possibly also a savings account was founded, there must be logically also the best credit to be found. As a longtime customer one should assume that the best possible offer in the market.

Of course, the idea is understandable, but the reality is often different. The house bank can only offer own loans. No matter how dedicated the bank adviser is to the client, his options are limited. Even if the competition offers better conditions, the house bank can only move within a certain range. Blind trust is therefore not announced in terms of credit.


  • Existing customers have fixed contacts
  • Especially older borrowers have confidence in the bank
  • With regard to creditworthiness, etc., the house bank is often more accommodating than a new bank



  • Often there are clearer offers in the market

Private loans – Portals pave the way!


For some years, portals such as smava or auxmoney have also established themselves in Germany. In the US, the portals are quite a bit further, on a similar development is speculated in Germany. The principle of both platforms is to bring private lenders together with borrowers. So the banks get competition from private individuals. If you are looking for a loan, you can set the desired conditions on the portal and wait for offers to flutter into the house.


  • Even people who have problems with banks at banks (housewives, students and self-employed) have a good chance here
  • Interest may be determined by yourself
  • The best offers can be chosen


  • Portal earns on every credit
  • Quite possible that not enough lenders find themselves

Online credit comparison – simple and clear

Online credit comparison - simple and clear

The internet offers the chance to get a good overview of which banks offer which interest. Portals like specialize in preparing all offers for the layman within a few seconds. Only the loan amount, term and purpose are needed and the credit calculator spits out the offers of all banks. Directly from the comparison, it is even possible to make the loan application.

A good option is to go to your own bank with the best deal. Eventually, the house bank can then also on even better terms.


  • Transparent all banks at a glance
  • Convenient loan application directly from the laptop


  • No personal contact to the bank consultant


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