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Put money in an investment fund?

Think of it as a big pot of money in which you can also contribute. You will receive a share certificate for that contribution. The fund manager will then invest this money – depending on which pot you have put money in – this money in shares, bonds or others.

What is an investment fund?

What is an investment fund?

So you don’t have to invest the time to find out where you would invest the money.

The fund manager ensures a nice spread by not investing the money in one type of share or bond, but for example in at least 30 values. In this way the risk of interest and capital loss is drastically reduced.

Type of investment fund

Type of investment fund

The funds can be classified according to the assets in which you invest:

  • Bonds
  • Shares
  • Mixed funds (bonds and shares)
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Capital guarantee funds
  • Cash funds (term accounts and short-term debt)

At a higher level, the funds can also be classified according to a distribution and capitalization fund. With a capitalization fund, the interest and dividends are reinvested. This compared to a distribution fund in which the dividends are paid on the basis of shares.

Is your capital guaranteed in an investment fund?

Is your capital guaranteed in an investment fund?

You may lose all your money because most of them do not offer a capital guarantee. This is especially true when investing in shares. It does exist, but then you must effectively opt for a capital guarantee fund.

There are also funds that can guarantee that you will get back at least your own capital or a percentage thereof.

Connection arranged so?


The big advantage is that you can enter a mutual fund with a limited amount. So you can already start with 100 euros although certain funds require at least 1000 euros entry capital.

Another advantage is that you can easily withdraw from an investment fund such as with beveks and sicavs. If you opt for a closed fund, you can only sell the units.

What does a fund yield?

What does a fund yield?

That is of course always the nice question, although it must be post in mind that there are always costs involved (stock exchange taxes, taxes, entry fees, etc.). It is true that bond funds yield slightly less, but these offer more guarantee on capital protection (not 100%)! If you opt for equity funds, you can generate a lot of revenue, but this is the lowest form of capital protection.

This is how we come to the conclusion that the following investment fund:

  1. a bond fund has a return of 3.5% to 4% gross,
  2. a mixed fund has a return of approximately 5% to 7% gross,
  3. and an equity fund has a return of around 8% to 10%

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What Can I Do To Prevent Unfair Dismissal?


A dismissal is always an enormous burden for a worker. Fear for the future may play a role here, but employees often perceive dismissal as personal injury and unwarranted. In fact, many dismissals in practice are unjustified or ineffective. What you have to do to prevent such unfair termination is explained in this post.

Put simply, termination may be unjustified or ineffective in two respects. Either the employer is not entitled to terminate the employee at all – for example, because there is simply no good reason to do so. On the other hand, while the employer may in principle terminate the employee, he has not complied with the prescribed legal procedure. In addition, it is essential to distinguish between ordinary and extraordinary dismissals, which differ fundamentally in terms of the period of notice and the reason for termination and have completely different requirements.

Important : In Germany, there are a number of legal regulations that must be observed when terminating an employment relationship – and the case law of the labor courts must always be kept in mind. Compared to many other countries, employee protection in Germany is quite pronounced. Due to the complexity of the matter, the involvement of a labor lawyer is in many cases useful and advisable.

Do you want to take action against a termination, you should not leave too much time. In most cases, an unfair dismissal suit will be the tool of choice. With this you can check before a labor court and clarify in court whether the notice given against you is justified or effective. However, the dismissal protection action must be brought within three weeks after receipt of the termination at the latest. If you let this period elapse, the termination is considered effective – even if the termination was actually unjustified or ineffective.

Important: Decisive for the passage of the deadline is the receipt of the notice – so, for example, the insertion of the letter in your mailbox. Actual knowledge is not what matters – many workers have already gambled here. Basically, the deadline also works when you are on vacation. Here can be saved with legal help under certain circumstances, however, the missed deadline.

Under no circumstances should you just accept a termination. Not even if the termination of the employment relationship is right for you. For a dismissal protection suit can not only be aimed at a further employment, also with regard to a possible severance pay arise from this often financially attractive opportunities for negotiation. In addition to a dismissal protection suit, out-of-court negotiations in the sense of an amicable settlement are also appropriate in appropriate cases – here, too, a legal representation and advice should not be waived. In addition, you should always contact the responsible Employment Agency and, after consultation, if necessary, seek job-seeking in order to avoid eventual later blocking periods or a reduction in entitlement. If a works council is available, it can also provide valuable information on a regular basis.

Important : Even if the termination is still so annoying, it is important to first of all to keep a cool head. Emotional statements and actions are often irreversible and can have devastating consequences. Also, keep in mind that you may need to work with your employer for weeks or months. Also with regard to a reasonable compensation a certain peace is always a good advisor.

A blanket statement about the chances of success of the action against a termination would be dubious – because always decisive are the concrete circumstances of each individual case. On the one hand, however, it can be stated that many dismissals made in practice are actually unjustified. On the other hand, the involvement of a lawyer – especially in financial terms – almost always paid. The longer you work in a business, and the more employees the business has, the better the chances of taking action against dismissal.


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Seriously Lend Money




Even though the German is on average a cautious person in terms of money, loans continue to be the backbone of the German economy. Hardly a private individual manages to go through life without a loan taken. At the latest with large acquisitions such as a house or a new car, the credit is often unavoidable.

In the 21st century, there are some options to borrow money. Each of these options has its pros and cons, below we highlight the offers.

The house bank as a lender

For many, the only alternative is still the own house bank. Where the checking account has been used for years and possibly also a savings account was founded, there must be logically also the best credit to be found. As a longtime customer one should assume that the best possible offer in the market.

Of course, the idea is understandable, but the reality is often different. The house bank can only offer own loans. No matter how dedicated the bank adviser is to the client, his options are limited. Even if the competition offers better conditions, the house bank can only move within a certain range. Blind trust is therefore not announced in terms of credit.


  • Existing customers have fixed contacts
  • Especially older borrowers have confidence in the bank
  • With regard to creditworthiness, etc., the house bank is often more accommodating than a new bank



  • Often there are clearer offers in the market

Private loans – Portals pave the way!


For some years, portals such as smava or auxmoney have also established themselves in Germany. In the US, the portals are quite a bit further, on a similar development is speculated in Germany. The principle of both platforms is to bring private lenders together with borrowers. So the banks get competition from private individuals. If you are looking for a loan, you can set the desired conditions on the portal and wait for offers to flutter into the house.


  • Even people who have problems with banks at banks (housewives, students and self-employed) have a good chance here
  • Interest may be determined by yourself
  • The best offers can be chosen


  • Portal earns on every credit
  • Quite possible that not enough lenders find themselves

Online credit comparison – simple and clear

Online credit comparison - simple and clear

The internet offers the chance to get a good overview of which banks offer which interest. Portals like specialize in preparing all offers for the layman within a few seconds. Only the loan amount, term and purpose are needed and the credit calculator spits out the offers of all banks. Directly from the comparison, it is even possible to make the loan application.

A good option is to go to your own bank with the best deal. Eventually, the house bank can then also on even better terms.


  • Transparent all banks at a glance
  • Convenient loan application directly from the laptop


  • No personal contact to the bank consultant


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Be careful! Get to know the Adverse Features of Online Loan Scams



Realize early on the characteristics of online loan fraud!

Today, there are more and more online loans in circulation. Quick and easy access attracts many people to use online loan facilities .

But, is the online loan safe from fraud?

Let’s identify the characteristics of online loan fraud so you don’t get caught up in the wrong choice and end up being harmed.


Be careful of Online Loan Scams !

Online loans are one of the money (credit) loan facilities provided by fintech companies ( financial & technology ) or several sites providing online loan facilities on the internet.

The procedure for obtaining online loan facilities tends to be faster and easier when compared to conventional loans in banks or other financial institutions.

However, is this online loan safe from the risk of fraud?

How do you recognize the characteristics of online loan fraud so that you don’t get caught in fraud.


Before making an online loan, it’s a good idea to plan and prepare your loan calculation funds first, including the ability to pay off from the start so you don’t fret when you pay it off.

Dorian Gray can help you in planning online loan calculations!

You can download the Dorian Gray application and enjoy the free trial facilities!

Oh yeah, if you subscribe to the Dorian Gray Application for one year, in addition to being more economical, you will get an additional advantage with the education of free online courses for one year.


Secure Online Loans

Secure Online Loans

Before you can get to know the characteristics of online loan fraud, you need to know in advance the online loan provider that is fairly safe and official.

Here are some tips for checking the security of online loan providers!


# 1 Check Through the Financial Services Authority

If you want to check the security of a fintech company that provides online loan facilities, you can first visit the site of the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

On the website , you can see a list of fintech companies that have been registered with OJK.


With the registration of a fintech company at OJK, this can provide assurance that the online lending company is official and supervised by the OJK.


# 2 Check the Office Address of the O nline Loan Facility Provider

Companies that provide official online loan facilities should have official office addresses as well.

You need to be vigilant if the online loan facility provider does not include a clear office address on his website .

It could be, it is one mode of online loan fraud.


# 3 Check Website Security

You need to observe that a secure website (secured) is a website that begins with “https:” instead of “http:”.

The letter “s” on https indicates that the website has been encrypted or a security process has been carried out.


In addition, you can check the website security by seeing if there is a padlock image on the website address section.

If there is a padlock image, the website is safe.


# 4 Examine the Procedure for Online Loans Offered

Official online loan providers should provide clear information about the online loan facilities they provide.

Such information includes clear procedures regarding how to submit, types of online loan facilities, requirements that must be met, and so forth.

If you find that there are websites online loan providers who provide information that is unclear or doubtful, you should be wary and cautious.


Characteristics of Online Loan Fraud

Characteristics of Online Loan Fraud

You already know some of the features of a website or site that provide official and safe online loan facilities.

Let’s look at the characteristics of online loan facilities that you need to suspect. Be careful if you find the following characteristics because it could be a fraud mode that could ultimately harm you.


# 1 Creditor Keeps Chasing You with Various Seduction

If you feel that creditors are constantly chasing you with various lures and bonuses about online loan facilities, you need to be careful.

You need to observe what facilities are offered and what benefits you will get.

If you think it’s illogical, you better refuse the creditor’s offer to secure yourself from a fraud mode.


# 2 Information Provided by Doubtful Creditors

Back again, you need to pay attention to whether the creditor has been registered with the OJK, has an official and safe site or not.

You also need to be careful and careful with information provided by creditors, whether in the information listed on the website or the offer directly delivered to you.

This information can be in the form of credit facilities, how to submit, details of disbursement procedures, filing requirements and others.


Usually, if there is an indication of fraud, the creditor will provide information that is exaggerated and less reasonable to attract the attention of the debtor.

If there is a blocking information, you can re-ask the truth and clarity of the information to the creditor.

You can use this to secure yourself as well as to make sure they intend to cheat you or not.


# 3 Creditors do not pay attention to your credit history

Credit history checks of prospective borrowers through SID BI or SLIK are one of the important things in the process of granting money loan facilities.

If it turns out that the creditor does not pay attention to your credit history as a potential debtor, you should be suspicious and alert.


A reasonable creditor will definitely check your loan history to ensure that you are eligible for another loan facility.

You need to be aware of the person who gives the lure of an easy online loan without noticing your credit history, because if there is an indication of fraud, it will complicate you later.


# 4 Creditors Request Excessive Personal Information

In general, the creditor will ask for your information regarding residence identity, active telephone number or e – mail address that is not confidential.



However, it is different from the case with fraudsters who impersonate creditors.

Fraud creditors will usually ask for additional information to you in the form of personal information such as your PIN, credit card and others that are confidential.


# 5 Creditors Request Disbursement Advances

Never accept an online loan offer that requires a down payment for the disbursement process, because it is clearly fraudulent.

Usually, this fraud takes the name of an upfront fee as an administrative fee.

However, the administrative costs required by creditors are only limited to stamp duty and other service costs that are not of great value.

So, if the creditor asks for a large down payment, be careful and immediately cancel the submission of your online loan facility.


# 6 Other Suspicious Signs

Other things that you need to be aware of as fraudulent actions are if you receive bidding information via e- mail , SMS, telephone or other media but do not come from a valid source.

If the company providing the online loan facility is official, then the information distributed through e- mail , telephone, SMS should come from the e- mail address or official office telephone number.

For example, suppose you receive an e- mail on behalf of the online loan company ABCDEF from [email protected], and not from [email protected]

You can make sure that the e-mail originating from [email protected] is an online loan fraud.


In addition to the suspicious signs above, you also need to be aware of forms of websites that resemble the original ( phishing ).

Phishing is one form of hacking data on debtor information through fake login forms that resemble the appearance of the original website .

To prevent phishing , before you log in , you need to make sure that there is a lock icon on the website page you are visiting.


Check Back Before It’s Too Late

Check Back Before It

It is important for those of you who are or will apply for an online loan to be aware of early characteristics of online fraud that are rampant.

Choose a site from an official company that has been overseen by the OJK.

In addition, check again if there are suspicious signs of the site or website that you are visiting so as not to get caught up in online loan fraud cases and be harmed. Hopefully this article is useful.


Let’s prevent online loan fraud by increasing awareness when applying for online loans.

Spread this article to your friends, relatives or relatives so that they also know the characteristics of online loan fraud and can avoid the risks.

If you need a consultation with a financial planner, Dorian Gray is happy to help you! thanks.


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A special property is a part of the residential property , which is the sole property of a single owner. An investment property can only become a special property if it is expressly determined to do so. This provision can be made in different ways: by the actual declaration of division, which has been made to the Land Registry or by a contract of all co-owners. It may be named as a special property but only special property parts. These are parts that are self-contained. These include:

  • Closed business and living rooms as well as the associated components such as balcony, terrace or veranda, if they have a connection to the living space and are declared as a separate property in the contract.
  • Parking spaces in underground garages, if the areas can be recognized by a permanent marking (Duplex garages, however, are not included).
  • Basement rooms or other individual rooms, which do not create a direct connection to the residential or business premises, but still have a spatial separation to other areas.
  • Individual building parts, such as non-load-bearing interior walls, floor coverings, interior doors or even the humus layer of the roof terrace.
  • Facilities you also facilities in the rooms themselves, for example, built-in wardrobes, sanitary facilities, radiators, which does not represent the function of the entire system, supply lines leading to the residential units. If the lines are not in the area of ​​community property and serve only a single residential unit, they must be designated as a separate property.

Excerpt from the Home Ownership Act:


According to § 1 Abs. 2 WEG, residential property is the special property of an apartment in connection with the co-ownership of the community property to which it belongs. Residential property is therefore a combination of sole ownership (sole ownership of an apartment and an idiosyncratic share in the ownership of the property and other shared facilities and parts of the building). There is therefore no isolated private property without a co-ownership interest in the property and other community property. Since there are also self-contained rooms in a building that are not used for residential purposes, the term partial ownership has come to be used for this special property. In general, this also refers to the generic term of the space property, which can be subdivided into home ownership (flat) and part ownership (eg storage room).
In general, home ownership is governed by the Housing Property Law, whether it be regulations on simple home ownership or separate ownership.


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Save Money on Data Roaming Abroad

On holiday just checked the mails quickly, a little something posted on Facebook and watched a few Youtube videos. But on the return home, there is the unpleasant surprise: high costs and fees that suddenly appear on the mobile bill!

Here you will learn what to look for when using your smartphone while on vacation, which new legal regulations are currently in force and how to avoid unpleasant high bills.

How the costs are incurred

How the costs are incurred

Each mobile phone company incurs special costs or data roaming charges abroad. These occur when traffic is generated with the smartphone, for example, by retrieving emails or using the browser. As with telephone calls or text messages abroad, other rates apply here than in Germany.

New regulation since 01.07.2014

New regulation since 01.07.2014

Within the EU, there are price limits and maximum fees a provider may charge for roaming. On 1 July 2014, this limit was set down again. Thus, the German providers may calculate only the highest 23.8 cents per megabyte. Before, the limit was 53.5 cents. For 2015, it is intended to have the same prices both domestically and abroad for roaming and other services throughout Europe.

Caution in non-EU countries

Caution in non-EU countries

However, special care should still be taken in countries that are not part of the EU and therefore are not subject to these regulations. Here, the prices between the providers can vary greatly. Not only on other continents threatens this danger, even Turkey or Switzerland are affected by this problem for customers. However, there is always the possibility to set an automatic cost capping or to be informed by the provider, as soon as a certain volume is exceeded.

This way you avoid high costs

This way you avoid high costs

Turn off roaming

Of course, the cheapest way is to completely dispense with the data traffic via smartphone and thereby avoid any fees incurred. But whether that is possible for one, especially when traveling abroad on business, remains questionable.

Special tariffs of the offerers use

For example, O2 offers separate rates for business travelers. You can find out about this under . Even for private or leisure travelers can pay a special foreign tariff.

Wi-Fi on site use

You can significantly reduce your roaming charges by using an on-premises wireless LAN instead of the mobile network. Many hotels, holiday homes, restaurants and cafés now offer this in their service, of course. However, with sensitive data such as online banking you should be extremely careful, because you can never be sure how well the used wireless network is protected against attacks and access from the outside.



Finally, one should say that one should always pay attention to the use of data and the roaming of the smartphone abroad, so that the fees do not rise immeasurably. However, those who are well informed and always keep an eye on their own consumption usually have no nasty surprises to fear when they reach the home territory again.


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Improving creditworthiness If you want to apply for a loan or a mortgage, you usually have to undergo a comprehensive credit check. In some cases, this can cause problems and hinder the implementation of your financial wishes. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to improve your credit rating.

Check the existing data carefully

Check the existing data carefully

An important part of almost every credit check is the personal Schufa information. It lists all existing and sometimes past liabilities. If it comes to defaults, unpaid bills or a loan accumulation, then this is evident in the Schufa and worsens your chances of getting a loan. Therefore, it is best to get self-assessment as a first step and check that your data is correct. If this is not the case, then take care of the fastest possible correction. You can read more about creditworthiness at so that you can get well prepared for the application phase.

To improve your credit rating by the right application

To improve your credit rating by the right application

Normally, a loan application is also noted in the Schufa. If rejected, then this is often interpreted negatively in future applications and is also unfavorable for personal credit scoring (a quotient used to calculate the likelihood of easy loan repayment). Of course it makes sense to ask for different offers and to compare the conditions exactly. Make sure, however, that your application is recorded as a request for credit terms. It is also important that you really indicate all the sources of income that are available to you when you apply. For example, do not forget care or investment income.

Make the most of your situation

Make the most of your situation

Not all factors that affect your creditworthiness can be influenced in the short term. However, there are a number of things you can do to improve your credit rating significantly. Inform yourself best about your current Schufa history and pay attention in the long term to flawless payment processes, then it works well with the loan application.


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